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"Namjooning" vinyl decal sticker

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"Namjooning" rose gold metallic vinyl decal sticker inspired by BTS Namjoon. This is a perfect gift for any Army or even for yourself!

This decal sticker can be put pretty much anywhere including on your laptop, tablet, notebook etc.

The decal comes with a layer of adhesive transparent tape on top which allows you to see exactly where you're placing the decal and so you can stick it exactly where you want it to be. - please see instructions below on how to apply your decal:

1. Firstly, ensure the area/surface you're applying the decal to is completely clean and dry.
2. Carefully peel off the white backing from the decal (making sure the decal remains stuck to the transparent tape).
3. Place the decal (sticky side down) onto the clean and dry surface.
4. Make sure the decal is fully stuck down (you can use a squeegee tool, bank card or even just your fingers).
5. Once it is stuck down properly, start to peel back the transparent tape - be gentle, go slowly and if there are any bits that haven't stuck to the surface then stick the transparent tape back down with the decal and repeat step 4 and then continue peeling.
6. Now you're done and I hope you enjoy your new decal!

If there are any issues with this process or your decal then please send me a message and I'll do my best to help you out!

- Each decal is made with rose gold metallic vinyl and so the colour will likely differ from what you see on screen.
- Sizing is approximately 5 inches in width and 3 inches in height but this may vary slightly.

- The decal will be packaged protectively with a backing card in a bio-based clear bag, which is compostable and recyclable.

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