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BT21 Cooky self adhesive wax seals - pink

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"Cooky" self adhesive wax seals inspired by the character Cooky from BT21 created by Jungkook from BTS.

These wax seals are a perfect addition for envelopes, gifts and any other stationery and crafts.

There's no heat, melted wax or mess involved with these wax seals, as all you need to do is simply peel off the backing sticker and apply where needed!

  • Each pack contains 5 wax seals and please note that these are all unique in shape as they are handmade.
  • The stamp used has a diameter of 25mm and so the wax seals will be a little bigger than this in size.
  • The colour may vary from what you see on screen 

The decal will be packaged protectively with a backing card in a bio-based clear bag, which is compostable and recyclable.